Proof of compostability of plastic products. Plastic products can provide proof of their compostability by successfully meeting the harmonised European standard, EN 13432 or EN 14995. The European Packaging Directive 94/62 EC makes reference to compliance with the EN 13432.

Din Certco V 54900

Certification regulation for compostable products made out of biologically degradable materials. The certification is an integrated part of an industrial recycling system. Products that are certified carry the compostable logo (seedling logo).

Recycled Post-Consumer Waste

Some of our products contain recycled post-consumer waste, which is both biodegradable and compostable – and highly sustainable as a raw material. We scrupulously verify their suitability for direct contact with foodstuffs including certifications from the FDA and PIRA.

ASTM D6400-99

Standard Specification for Compostable Plastics. This specification covers plastics and products made from plastics that are designed to be composted in municipal and industrial aerobic composting facilities. The properties in this specification are those required to determine if plastics and products made from plastics will compost satisfactorily, including biodegrading at a rate comparable to known compostable materials. The purpose of this specification is to establish standards for identifying products and materials that will compost satisfactorily in commercial and municipal composting facilities.

OK Compost

The OK Compost Home certificate is the basis for registration for home compostability for the British organisation "Association for Organics Recycling" in the UK.

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